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Shanti has always been a foodie at 

Born in Germany, her family showed their love for food from a young age. Her grandparents grew apples, berries and other fruits to make ciders and jams, and always baked traditional German cakes for family gatherings. Shanti has fond memories of watching her family pick quinces and enjoying her Opi’s home made quince jelly on fresh bread.

When Shanti was 2 years old, she moved to Australia with her parents. Growing up on a property in the Adelaide Hills, with scattered fruit trees, cultivated a deeper love for all things home grown in Shanti as well as a curiosity and love for hospitality.

In 2012, Shanti and her husband Nathan moved to Byron Bay. Working at Harvest Cafe in Newrybar and Gaia Retreat + Spa, Shanti watched talented chefs create stunning plates of food using local ingredients and seasonal produce. This fed her curiosity and passion for all things plant based and alternative baking.

Shanti connected with Jules Galloway, a local Naturopath. Shanti worked with Jules at her events and eventually started working as a raw food chef on a detox retreat. Shanti realised how much she loved creating recipes, talking to people about alternative cooking techniques, creating dietary friendly recipes, and running workshops.

In 2015, Shanti and Nathan moved back to Adelaide to be closer to family. Shanti knew that this was her time to create her own business and give it everything she had. On January 1st, 2015, Shanti made her first wedding cake under the From the Wild banner and not long after started stocking her first cafes in Adelaide.

Shanti and Nathan have created a production space in their home in the Adelaide Hills. Shanti creates the recipes, flavours, and decorates the cakes. Nathan ensures there is an effective work flow and productive recipe systems. He also makes the counter tops and tables for their space through his side project business, Wilby & Co.

Through her own dietary intolerances and food choices, Shanti has created unique recipes for cakes and desserts that not only look beautiful, but match their beauty in taste and quality. All recipes and products are gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly, soy free, grain free and refined sugar free, made with local produce, coconut products and a plethora of nuts and seeds; covering a variety of different dietary intolerances and catering to different lifestyles.

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